Kamis, 14 April 2011

Happy Hollaback Family Env'06

Assalamualaikum Fellas,,

The title of this entry is inspired by Garry's (one of Env'06) BBM status..
FYI, env'06 is abbreviation of Environmental Engineering 2006..yes that are my study program that i choose at University of Indonesia. We are only 30 people because we are the first generation of this study program,,i'm proud of it..
only half of us who coming to this event
my family "SIKAT" (my teamwork at most of course in my college life :D)

me, mir2 (she just arrived in indo again after homestay at auckland), buncu, nurul

andra, nurul, mir2, buncu, memey,me and ika

andra, nurul, mir2, buncu, memey, ika and me
located : Pondok Indah Mall
date : April 10th, 2011

i love u all guys,,see u in the next meeting ....


Rabu, 13 April 2011

Attending to Pengajian Hijabers Community

Assalamualaikum Fellas,,

I know this event from nurul (my friend) and after that i read hijaberscommunity blog, and i found this..

I decide to come to this event with nurul, and there are several pictures i got there...

me with nurul

me with my new friends (lia & ita)
ita, dian pelangi , me, nurul
me,nurul & another HC's committee

All of us (source : restu anggraini's blog )
me with balooon ^0^
what i wore : batik skirt, outwear is my cotton shawl from such! inspired by celica's blog
Great event, nice place and a lot of beautiful hijabi over there..love it...


Rabu, 06 April 2011

Goes To Bandung by Train..

Assalamualaikum Fellas,,,

For the first time in my life *halaaah* i went to bandung by train last sunday (3 april 2011)..I'm so excited that day..Although that was the short trip but i enjoy it, for this trip i took bussiness class because it is cheaper than executive..hahaha 

Sorry i didn't take much pictures that day,,i forgot that because i'm so excited ^0^